Whats your favourite FOUR letter word !

Aussie ?s love a bit of luck, whether it be at the horses, on the footy, at the casino or sometimes even when we sell our home. We ?ve even coined the phrase “doing a Bradbury” to describe a lucky, or flukey event.
I ?m pretty sure we all remember Steven Bradbury, but if not, here is a quick refresher. Bradbury was our first Winter Olympics Gold medal winner in 2002. Many people think his win was based purely on luck. You may recall all those in front of him in the Olympic final fell over. What many people don ?t know is that Bradbury was also our first GOLD medal winner in a winter sport at World Championship level, 11 years before his Olympic success. He also won an Olympic Bronze medal 8 years prior. He is a 4 time Olympian.
Now, is all of that just luck or is there more to the story? Think about the early morning starts driving to training in a banged out old car whilst everyone else was asleep. Bradbury followed his dreams where most others would have given up. He didn ?t cut corners, he made big lifestyle sacrifices, he went after his goal with pure determination, grit and tenacity. Whilst those in “that race” were so busy fighting with each other, Bradbury got on with the job of getting over the line first. So what on earth has this got to do with real estate?
I believe, we can learn a lot from Bradbury ?s achievements. That is why, I prefer to spell the four letter word LUCK a little differently to most. My preferred spelling is WORK. And I don ?t mean having just more properties for sale, I mean focused work. Steven Bradbury didn ?t compete in 100 events, he chose a couple only and focused 100% energy on those. His approach was single-minded for many years.
Learning from this is so important. Our business model is based on deliberately working with fewer sellers than our high-turnover competitors. This means we FOCUS so much harder on every facet of the sale process on property. This greatly improves chances of getting the best outcome when selling! Some people would say that we are the classic underdog just like Bradbury, but we ?ve learnt to fight harder and smarter because of this. In this business, you make your own luck and it really is funny, the harder we WORK at being lucky, the LUCKIER we seem to get!
I really hope that your weekend selling, is as LUCKY as ours
By Stephan Siegfried