Testimonials Entertainer

“Steve was genuinely entertaining. He provided an extremely amusing, yet relevant piece in his summation that left the audience both on the edge of their seat and in throes of laughter. He fully deserved the thunderous applause ”  IGA AUSTRALIA


Steven was amazing!  His ability to entertain and tell a brilliant story was fantastic. Everyone had a great night. On top of the great entertainment, Steve is also a great guy. KURT KAVANACH – ALSPEC


Steven, I just wanted to express the appreciation of the Carbine Club of Papua New Guinea on your presentation at our Sportsmen’s lunch last Friday. The feedback received from those in attendance was that it was one of our best lunches and that your presentation was first class. Your talk was inspirational, humorous and extremely entertaining. We have held three lunches per year for a long time and Steven was the first to receive a standing ovation from the audience. Ken Dunn – President – Carbine Club of Papua New Guinea


Steven was fantastic !  A very inspirational and funny speaker. In my opinion the best speaker I have ever seen. MARK GIBSON – BLACKTOWN CITY COUNCIL


“Absolutely fantastic…funny, entertaining and definitely inspiring – I have run a lot of conferences and can say that Steven was the highlight.” SARA MITCHELL – Group Training Association of Victoria.


We were not expecting him to be so funny, in between the laughs you could hear a pin drop – everyone was captured with Steve and his story, he had rave reviews from all our delegates. He was down to earth and we heard about his little bit of larrikinism, which we all love. He was definitely a favourite. MARGARET ALLEN – FOODCO GROUP


In a crowd such as ours where they all know each other and have been on the juice for a number of days it was impressive how well you held their attention for your entire presentation.  To hear people still discussing your presentation the next day was fantastic, I even walked past a Couran Cove staff member yesterday morning who was on their mobile telling someone about your presentation. BOBBY COX – MARKETING MANAGER – IDEAL ELECTRICAL


I go to a lot of conferences and hear a lot of speakers but never, and I mean NEVER, have I seen a speaker get a standing ovation like our delegates gave Steven.  The energy in that room was electric. It was an emotional journey. We had tears in our eyes at one stage, we laughed raucously, we cheered watching the DVD footage, we looked away in shock, we felt and sniffed and oohed and aahed at handling his Olympic medals and when the talk was over, we stood to our feet and clapped. We will be using Steven’s services again. I was extremely proud of him and even more so that he was a Brisbanite and such a down to earth kind of guy.  We all love a larrikin. In addition, he was easy to work with.  He came up with other ideas to raise money for charity.  He was completely organised when it came to his MC and AV instructions. VANESSA KENNEDY – BRISBANE MARKETS


Steve was excellent to work with and very easy going throughout our dealings with him. His relaxed style and manner were perfect for the event and people enjoyed having him around for the whole night and chatting to him during the evening. The chance to see / hold his medals & have photos taken with him etc was also greatly appreciated by many of the guests. His story was very inspirational and kept the audience captivated.  He was entertaining, funny and thought provoking.  Overall an excellent speaker, who was well received and a really good bloke.  Definitely added value to the event & was good to meet him. Ben Garland – Barclays Global


Thanks Steven, Had great feedback from Bridie at Department of Main roads also.  She said you are the best speaker she has seen and the delegates she has spoken to said you were entertaining and professional. They very much enjoyed hearing about how it took you 12 years to become an overnight success! Thanks for doing a great job. Department of Main Roads


“Very likeable, approachable, funny guy.  Interesting history that few knew about.” Hoyts