The surprise element for Steven Bradbury’s presentation works well.  To ensure it is kept as a surprise until Steven is onstage please consider the following:

  • Steven will need access into the room prior to the event without being seen to do his AV check.  This might mean coming in and out through the kitchen, a back door or side door.  If it is a dinner event please consider the location of pre-dinner drinks and how Steven can access the room without being seen.
  • Make sure nobody is coming into the room during Steven’s AV check.
  • During AV check Steven is happy to wear a cap and sunglasses if required.
  • Steven’s display table will require an extra sheet to go over the top to keep the surprise element intact.
  • Steven will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to going onstage and will need to be out of sight.  If Steven waits outside the room often people wander in and out of room and see him.  Steven can enter through the kitchen, back door, side door or be notified by you when it is time.
  • If it is a dinner event and Steven’s presentation begins after entr©e it is recommended that Steven does not attend the entr©e to keep the surprise element intact.  Steven always stays after his presentation to mix and mingle for as long as required.