Steven Bradbury’s new book – Millionaire Motivators – coming soon

First peek at a snippet of my new book – Millionaire Motivators – released late 2012.

What is your main message when you speak? Is there something you want people to walk away with?

The main theme is that passion and persistence lead to success, although it is probably a little more thanthat: passion, persistence and teamwork.

Teamwork is crucial. Surround yourself with people who are experts in their chosen field. During my racing career, I wasn’t as good at putting my team together as some others, but I still had my team.  I had my coach, my teammates, my physio, my equipment manager and I had my parents; without any of those people, I wouldn’t have won the gold medal.

While I was very much an individual and did not listen to others as much as I should have, I still appreciated those people for what they did to help me.  My equipment guy spent so many hours of his own time bending my blades for me; in exchange I would mow his lawn every weekend. Sometimes the people around me provided those extra little one percenters that I wasn’t smart enough to go out and hunt for myself – sometimes.

I learned from that. In business these days, I am able to hunt and find solutions to problems rather than wait for somebody to do it for me.  It’s rewarding – finding solutions, getting answers and building my team. I love it.

As for my message, I find people are able to use my experiences and story from my motivational presentations and relate them to their own situations. Some of the feedback I get is very rewarding; a guy said to me recently, ‘Steve, it’s really inspired me to push on. I’ve been working my guts out and not getting the results. You’ve made me think that giving up now is not an option. I’ve come too far on my journey to give up at what just might be “the final hurdle”. Who knows, maybe my version of an Olympic Gold Medal is just around the corner?’