Olympic gold: a non-discriminating currency

Part of a story by Simon White on WAtoday.com.au today.

One of the better recent examples of an Australian parlaying Olympic glory in a non-mainstream sport into a post-Games career is speed-skater Steven Bradbury.

Best known for the unlikely circumstances of his 1000 metres gold medal win in 2002, Bradbury now makes a living as a motivational speaker and MC.
Bradbury, who had actually been accepted as a trainee firefighter before his four finals opponents came a cropper in Salt Lake City , is another elite performer who isn’t a fan of the word “sacrifice”.
He prefers to think of his pre-gold tribulations – including a broken neck, a leg impaled on a skate and getting knocked over himself at a previous Games when a medal fancy – as part of a series of investments he made in his future.
It’s those investments, Bradbury believes, that are now paying off.
“Everyone sees the minute-and-a-half during which you race – never the 20 years that come before that,” Bradbury said.
Still, Bradbury’s story is probably the exception to the rule.

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