OHS Speaker – Steven Bradbury

OHS, Risk Management and Teamwork – Steven Bradbury

The sporting world is high Risk, high Reward. Just before the race with the epic pile up that led to Steven Bradbury winning Australia’s 1st Winter Olympic Gold Medal he spoke to his coach Ann Zhang. Finally Steven had developed experience and judgment. It had taken him 12 years of obsessive training, 4 Olympics Campaigns, 111 stitches in his leg, four litres of blood on the ice and a broken neck.

Now Steve and his coach knew everything:

-Youthful exuberance = 0%
-Over Confidence = 0%
-Knowing the competition = 100%
-Knowing your own limitations = 100%

Everything is Risk VS Reward. Steven Bradbury won Australia’s 1st Winter Olympic Gold Medal through strategy and planning. Steven knows he was lucky, he is probably the luckiest Olympic Gold Medalist in history. In his OHS presentation Steven demonstrates that success in business is about minimizing the risks so that when your opportunity to shine presents itself, you will be in position and prepared to be the next to ‘Do A Bradbury’.

Fact – Thanks to Olympic historian Harry Gordon, in November 2014 the term ‘Doing A Bradbury’ is now in the Macquarie Dictionary!

Before the final Steven and his coach devised that staying out of the way would get him a bronze medal. That strategy got him the gold.

In 2014 Steven Bradbury presented a program 25 times around the country with Linfox called ‘Activity Recovery’. It honed in on Positive Mindset, Early Injury ID, Injury Prevention and supporting an injured workmate. As a recently self insured company Linfox are trying to reduce cost, increase employee moral, reduce risk and speed up recovery time from injury.
Client Testimonial:

Steve surprised me with his prior research, humility, hands on approach and diligence to the Linfox Active Recovery project. He speaks well with empathy and humour making the seemingly dull, but necessary topics around safety engaging for all. Anyone who wants their team to be motivated, entertained and inspired Steve is the man!
John Gorman – GORMAN ENTERPRISES (contracted by Linfox)


-Positive Mindset
Fuelling your body to keep your mind switched ON. Meaning not showing up for work hungover from the night before or having eaten McDonalds all week. This puts you and your work mates at greater risk.
We all have tough days at work but if you tell yourself enough times, today will be a good day, you start to believe it.
Negativity breeds quickly. There is no reason to focus on things you can’t control. Break the negativity cycle by developing ‘Triggers’ to switch the positivity back ON. One trigger Steven used during his skating career was a sign on the ceiling that read ‘this is the Olympics get up’. It’s the first thing he saw every morning when his alarm went off at 430am. He knew if he didn’t get up and got beaten at the Olympics that he’d regret it. What Trigger can you develop to keep your mind switched on to positive? No Regrets!

The ‘jack of all trades’ doesn’t really exist anymore. You need to become expert at your role and rely on your teammates/workmates to execute their role properly as well. A team is only as good as its weakest link.

-Experience and Judgement
Rules, guidelines and procedures are in place for a reason. Usually because somebody in the past has cut a corner to save a little bit of time to clock off 15 minutes earlier, resulting in accident, injury or even death. Most Aussies gain experience and judgement by learning from their mistakes and then getting it right. The consequences of this attitude in the workplace can be dire. The best way to get experience and judgement is to listen and learn from those who have been doing what your doing for a lot longer than you (normally your superiors). Short term gain = Long term pain.

-Steven’s own injuries and recovery process from:
1- A skate blade skewered his thigh. It cut all 4 quad muscles and 3 veins, causing him to lose 3/4 of his blood in 60 seconds (audience sees the crash video). Steven could feel his eyes closing, his organs shutting down. He knew if he lost consciousness he was going to die and that was not an option. After almost dying on the ice ‘a bad day at the office’ didn’t seem so bad. This positive mindset allowed Steven to pursue his goals with more passion than before.
2- A broken neck during a training crash and wearing a halo brace screwed into your skull for 2 months (audience sees photos). During that 2 months Steven had lots of time to think about the ‘Big Picture’. People often overlook thinking big picture, and in the workplace, this leads to complacency.
After he broke his neck everyone around Steven told him that it was time to quit, the doctor told him he would never skate again. Steven went to another doctor. The big picture told him that after the halo brace had been removed he had 18 months until the next Olympics. Before breaking his neck Steven’s had one goal in life – Olympic Gold. After 3 Olympics campaigns it had not been achieved and was no longer realistic. This is where Steven’s mindset changed from Outcome to Process. He longer cared where he finished at the Olympics he would just do everything he and his team knew to the best of his ability every single day for 18 months and see what happened. In the workplace goals and OHS are achieved by focusing on the process not the outcome.

The feedback from your 3 x 1 hour safety presentations has been fantastic. I had a conversation with one of the contract staff before your first presentation and suggested that the presentation would be one of the best hours of his life. He just looked at me as though I was mad. I caught up with him after the session and asked him what he thought: He said, not quite the best hour of his life but it was bloody good. Your presentation style was entirely appropriate for the audience. The impact was enormous and will provide us a base to improve our workplace safety and culture. “Doing a Bradbury” will be the talk of the site for many months.
Ian Bell ?HSSE Lead – Clyde Project ?The Shell Company of Australia Limited

Thanks for an amazing afternoon with the boys during our safety day. You really drove home the importance of working as a team and following procedure. I’m confident this will have a positive impact on our company OHS. Everyone is still on a high and talking about your presentation the next day!

Steven Bradbury is highly skilled at working client objectives into his presentations. Clients looking to instill specific OHS / risk management / teamwork related issues into their staff Steven Bradbury can help you do it.

Testimonial from 09/10/14 gig in Bowen, Qld

Well done. You smashed all my stereotypical perceptions of you and your success in the first 2 minutes. I now truly appreciate your hard work and journey to your success. I leave tonight and am inspired by your story. Well done! You are an Australian champion. You’re also bloody entertaining.
Michael H. McGrath
GW Industrial

Madison Financial Group – Gig Feedback 26 Sept, 2104

Hi Steven,
I attended your presentation at the Madison Financial Group conference yesterday in Newcastle and it was by far the best motivational event I have ever been to.
You were not only enormously entertaining, you delivered a powerful and relevant message that we can all learn from.
Geoff Taylor – MAJENDA

Whats your favourite FOUR letter word !

Aussie ?s love a bit of luck, whether it be at the horses, on the footy, at the casino or sometimes even when we sell our home. We ?ve even coined the phrase “doing a Bradbury” to describe a lucky, or flukey event.
I ?m pretty sure we all remember Steven Bradbury, but if not, here is a quick refresher. Bradbury was our first Winter Olympics Gold medal winner in 2002. Many people think his win was based purely on luck. You may recall all those in front of him in the Olympic final fell over. What many people don ?t know is that Bradbury was also our first GOLD medal winner in a winter sport at World Championship level, 11 years before his Olympic success. He also won an Olympic Bronze medal 8 years prior. He is a 4 time Olympian.
Now, is all of that just luck or is there more to the story? Think about the early morning starts driving to training in a banged out old car whilst everyone else was asleep. Bradbury followed his dreams where most others would have given up. He didn ?t cut corners, he made big lifestyle sacrifices, he went after his goal with pure determination, grit and tenacity. Whilst those in “that race” were so busy fighting with each other, Bradbury got on with the job of getting over the line first. So what on earth has this got to do with real estate?
I believe, we can learn a lot from Bradbury ?s achievements. That is why, I prefer to spell the four letter word LUCK a little differently to most. My preferred spelling is WORK. And I don ?t mean having just more properties for sale, I mean focused work. Steven Bradbury didn ?t compete in 100 events, he chose a couple only and focused 100% energy on those. His approach was single-minded for many years.
Learning from this is so important. Our business model is based on deliberately working with fewer sellers than our high-turnover competitors. This means we FOCUS so much harder on every facet of the sale process on property. This greatly improves chances of getting the best outcome when selling! Some people would say that we are the classic underdog just like Bradbury, but we ?ve learnt to fight harder and smarter because of this. In this business, you make your own luck and it really is funny, the harder we WORK at being lucky, the LUCKIER we seem to get!
I really hope that your weekend selling, is as LUCKY as ours
By Stephan Siegfried

A feel good moment, thanks Nicole !

I actually just wanted to email you and let you know that I am a primary school teacher and am teaching my students about you and your win at the Olympics at the moment.

We are looking at point of view and perspective and the students are going to look at how Australia reported your win and how America reported your win. We are also going to look at Fables such as the Hare and the Tortoise and link it to you.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your inspiration. I hope that discussing and teaching about you gives the chance for students to learn about finishing what they start and resilience.

You are a true inspiration and I thank you sincerely.

Nicole Waugh

FAST Group brings back Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury presented at our FAST Group Professional Development Events in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in 2014. Steven was also a Professional Development speaker at our events back in 2007 and everyone loved his presentation. As a professional speaker Steven is like a good bottle of wine, improving with age. His presentation was new, entertaining, motivating and he didn’t speak a lot about his Olympic experience. He told some very funny stories about his family and left us with clear strategy on how business owners and employees develop a high performance mindset. Steven was already booked up on our Sydney and Melbourne dates, we will be getting him back for these events next year. BRENDAN WRIGHT – CEO – FAST GROUP

Feedback from Master Builders gig

We received great feedback from our members regarding your speech. Your sense of humour and unique storytelling abilities about your journey toward success provided a fantastic start to our Conference.
Radley de Silva | Chief Executive Officer
Master Builders Association Of Victoria

Feedback from the Network TEN boss on Sochi

Congratulations on your performance in Sochi.
I just wanted to thank you for all of the effort you put in to our broadcast. Your performance on camera was great and so too was your commentary. Myself and our viewers really enjoyed listening to you and Lachie Reid, you worked very well together.
Thanks for all the support you have given us over the journey that was these games.
A new standard on how Olympic Winter Games can be broadcast has been set.
Kind Regards
David Barham – Head of Sport – Network TEN

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