A/V Requirements

1. Steven will bring his OWN laptop with him.
# NOTE  If an A/V technician will NOT be in the room during Steven’s speech Steven is happy to operate himself.  In order to do this Steven’s laptop will need to set up so Steven can access it easily during his presentation.

2. Appropriate SCREEN and SOUND to go with the DVD.  Whenever possible the screen/s should be large enough and positioned so all audience members can see them.  The sound needs to be heard clearly by all audience members. A screen and sound check prior to the event is recommended.  Steven will arrive early to do this.

3. Either a lapel microphone or a cordless handheld microphone.  Using either a lapel or cordless handheld microphone please ensure the batteries are new or fully charged.

4. LIGHTING.  When possible the lighting in the room should be dimmed during each of the 3 DVD’s.  This, in turn, means the lights need to go back on after each of the 3 DVD’s.

5. LECTERN.  A lectern can be useful to store props but is NOT REQUIRED. If a lectern is being used please try to prevent it blocking any audience member’s view of the screen/s. NOTE # It is NOT necessary to obtain a copy of Steven’s DVD prior to the event.  Steven prefers to arrive early at the venue to run through his DVD with the AV tech.

NOTE # Steven also brings his presentation on a DVD and a USB as a back up in case of technical issues. Having a DVD player and switcher set up to use in conjunction with Steven’s laptop is a good idea if possible.  Sound and Vision cabling is then required for both DVD player and Laptop/s.