Audience feedback from Hot Business Events Breakfast

Testimonials from the morning:
• “I actually knew very little about Steven Bradbury and The Last Man Standing was a great way to be informed. Very polished presenter – felt like I was taken on a journey that incorporated the true meaning of success. Would definitely recommend.” BeAttitude

• “SENSATIONAL. I have heard Steven before and his presentation gets better and better even though he has much the same content. Not only very funny but inspiration and relevant. LOVED IT.” LJ Hooker Mooloolaba

• “Excellent, one of my colleges pointed out to me that his medal meant so much more because of the situation. Could be the most prestigious Gold medal ever one, who else in Olympic history could claim a Bradbury GOLD! Great to be there!” Waterfront Agents

• “Steve was very entertaining and told it as it was. He showed what dedication, hard work and commitment achieved. He was highly entertaining and great value and would recommend anyone to go and see him. It was good to get the inside story on what went on to the lead up of the Olympics, especially with all his injuries as well. It certainly gave an understanding of it all and YES he definitely did deserve the gold medal.” Healthy Passionate Living

• “I didn’t know what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised. I was probably like 95% of the population that thought that he got the gold medal by accident but when you realise the time, effort and heartache that he went through to take 12 years to be an “overnight success” then good luck to him. He came across as a normal sort of bloke and told a great story.” Cabtech Cabinets

• “Excellent speaker and stand up comedy was an extra bonus. Great message delivered in an entertaining and inspiring manner.” Accumul8