Someone once asked what attitudes and behaviours does one need to acquire to be the best in their field.


As many of you know I was the first Australian to win Winter Olympic gold at the Salt Lake City Olympics.  My victory may have come in unusual circumstances (watch the race) but was not unfounded.  I had put in over 12 years of hard work and commitment, highs and lows, finally leading to that ultimate moment of triumph.


When I was training in the olympics, I used to have a sign on my ceiling, it read: ‘This is the Olympics, get up’.  I knew that my competitors would be getting up and I did not want them to have an advantage over me. 


Win or lose I needed to know that no stone was left unturned.  Now, when I think about my sporting career the most satisfying thing is, knowing that I gave everything I had, every training session.


This is much the same for any aspect of life or in business.  You need to make sure you “show up” every day, in everything you do.  Leave no stone unturned and always give your best.