Another happy client – Flight Centre in Bali

Thank You for your awesome session with the guys in Bali. You had clearly done some research into the FCL Culture and absolutely nailed it.
All of my guys were unanimous that you were the best speaker that we have had at any conference.
Keep up the sensational work!
Sean Martin | Area Leader | Empire – Eastern Suburbs
Flight Centre Ltd

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for speaking at our conference in Bali last weekend. I didn’t get a chance to speak to you in person but your session was fantastic – just the right mix of hilarity, fascinating information and poignant “ahah!” moments. You were the highlight of my weekend.
Lucy Harris | Team Leader | Flight Centre at Marrickville Metro

Just wanted to say thanks for coming to Bali for our TL conference!! It was great listening to you speak and your journey to get your Gold.
I found it very motivational, and hearing your never give up attitude and to give it your best!
Sarah Jones?Team Leader – Flight Centre Picton
Steven – very funny, honest, humble, passionate. Loved every minute of it. Hope you got your medals back off my crowd.
Definately a great story and definately motivated my staff to keep going – excellent speaker for my sales crowd.