Split Presentation Suggestions – Steven Bradbury

If Steven is presenting at your event during breakfast, lunch or dinner where meals are being served please consider the following in the run sheet:

– Splitting Steven’s presentation into two parts. #Note – Steven’s presentation can split into 2 parts without a meal service.  It could be split with other formalities, giving of prizes, a break, or any other reason. Example Run Sheet

6.00pm – Guests arrive, pre dinner drinks 6.30pm – Guests seated 6.40pm – Entr©e served 7.00pm – MC / Person doing introduction to introduce Steven Bradbury 7.00pm – Steven Bradbury presentation – PART 1 (40 mins) 7.40pm – Main Course Served 8.20pm – Steven Bradbury presentation – PART 2 (20 mins) 8.40pm – Dessert Served 9.00pm – Drinks, mix and mingle, music, etc 10.30pm – Evening Concludes

Splitting Steven’s presentation into two parts works for the following reasons:

  1. The break between parts one and two gives guests an opportunity to go to the toilet.  Many people will not get up whilst someone is speaking and when a presenter is speaking for 1 hour and pre dinner drinks have been consumed 1 hour can be a long time to hold on.
  2. It works well for the venues kitchen staff as they know exactly how long it will be until the next course is being served.
  3. It can work well in breaking up the evening to fit in other formalities whilst keeping the entertainment / motivation flowing.

NOTE – If your schedule permits less than 1 hour Steven can adjust his presentation to fit into your time frame and still put on great show.

NOTE 2 – You may have awards, other speakers or other formalities to get through at your event that may make the schedule too tight and therefore not allow Steven to split his presentation into two parts.  This is no problem.

NOTE 3 – Splitting into two parts doesn’t make Steven’s presentation better, it just works well for some events.

Steven has had experience at a wide variety of events and venues, he is happy to discuss the run sheet or any other questions you may have.