SALES – Change Beliefs & Get Results

One of the most important aspects of business success is Sales. Without Sales – your business ceases to exist! Interestingly its one of the things that most business owners want more of.

Here’s the thing. It might be what we want more of, but ask yourself – how do you actually feel about salespeople yourself.

When I say the word “Sales Person” what words come to mind first.

For some of you it’s used car salesman, con artist, pushy, or sleazy.

For others its educator, helpful, good with product knowledge.

If you are wanting to make headway and improve your sales, you firstly need to address the belief that you and your team have about salespeople.

As with most beliefs, it’s what we believe to be true yet, there may not actually be any truth to the matter at all. Just a perspective, from what your environment may have influenced you with.

Over the years I have heard so many stories from clients or their staff saying that they are not good at selling or they don’t respect sales people. The question I ask is “so how do you feel about your customers buying from your competition”. Inevitably, I get “I would hate that because they don’t treat their customer very well or they don’t have the knowledge that we have”. Yet – their beliefs around sales – is the very thing that deters customers rather than attracting them.

So what can you do give yourself and your team the best chance of attracting sales opportunities, converting them and having happy customers who keep coming back.

There are 2 things that make a difference to sales results and they are CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY.

Lets start with Confidence. This is made up of how you see yourself. The easiest way to change your confidence levels in selling is to increase your knowledge & awareness of yourself and how you come across to the customer. Bearing in mind that customers buy based on how you make them feel. So if they smell fear, or get a whiff of insecurity then they will come up with a reason not to buy from you. Commonly known as an objection. Which sounds like – I need time to think about this. I have to speak with my partner, I can’t afford it and so on.

What can you do to increase your confidence in yourself ?

1. EDUCATE – Read books, undertake sales courses. Doctors, accountants, pilots, teachers, builders and other professionals undertake continual education. Yet most sales people don’t.

2. SELF MASTERY – Understand how people relate to you. Learn your communication style. We use a tool called DISC profiling. It allows you to understand the way you communicate and how you best should communicate with others so they know and like you.

3. OBSERVER – Become a master observer. By this I mean, listen and watch how you show up. Do you dress with confidence. Are you being authentic? Are the words that come out of your mouth , a true reflection & representation of your brand and yourself.

4. SELF TALK – Improve your identity. By this I mean, acknowledge that the results that you are currently getting are a reflection of who you currently see yourself as. Often this is triggered from a subconscious level. To overcome this you will need to develop a page of I AM statements that clearly articulate what you need to be saying to yourself on a daily basis so that you can reprogram your thinking. Eg: I am continually educating myself to improve my sales knowledge, I am becoming a confident and engaging sales person, I am respected for my product knowledge and ability to identify my potential clients needs. I am attracting great opportunities to my business and so on.

5. QUESTION TECHNIQUE – You may not think that you can be a great sales person, but really all you need to be great at is asking the questions that have your customer admit that your product is the answer to their problem. To do this you must be comfortable and confident to ask questions that uncover the true problem that the customer has. This takes guts and practise. Are you up for the challenge?

The next element to consider following on from Confidence is Certainty.

These are the physical sales based doing actions that you need to do so that you get measureable results.

1. Clearly document your sales process. What happens at each step of the way. You and your team should know this off by heart.

2. When you know your sales steps then focus ONLY on the next step rather than fast forwarding to the end and expecting the sale.
A great example of why this is important can be seen in a game of football. How often do you see a player who looks like he is planning to catch the ball, yet when he drops it, you then realise that he was probably thinking about what he was going to do with the ball before he had actually caught it.

3. Conversion rate is an important measurement for a sales person. As I mentioned in the last point, each step is one small part of the sales process and each part needs to be converted so that you can progress to the next stage. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Remember people are less likely to give you objections or suffer buyers remorse when they feel like they have chosen to buy rather than being sold to.

So what do you need to improve in the areas of Confidence and Certainty so that you can have your customers choose you rather than your competition?

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Author Charmian Campbell is a Global Master Coach and owns The Driven Business Edge. She has worked with hundreds of business owners over the years and shares her knowledge based on real life lessons and results.