Last Man Standing Auction

Steven™s presentation can include an auction of one of his memorabilia pieces.  Depending on the event it is NOT always appropriate.

LAST MAN STANDING auction means exactly that.  Everyone stands up and as they decide the price is too high, they sit down.  The LAST ONE STANDING / highest bidder wins.

This fits nicely with the title of Steven€™s presentation, LAST ONE STANDING.  The auction adds another entertaining element to Steven™s show that the audience really enjoys. Some people like to˜be noticed™ and this concept allows them to do exactly that.

Last Man Standing auction takes about one and a half minutes.  It also enables you, your charity or client to recoup a part of Steven™s speaker fee or provide an opportunity to make some extra dollars.

Steven provides the item framed and ready to go and either brings it with him or posts it to you prior to the event. Following Steven™s motivational presentation the average sale price is $2,000.

The sale price is split 40/60 between Steven and you (you get 60%).  Note that Steven™s 40% includes production (framing $195. Printing $45. Total = $240) and postage costs (approx $135 “ frames with glass cost a lot to post safely) within it.  Note 2 # Steven does not invoice the buyer for his 40%.  There are 2 options:

  1. You invoice the buyer for the full sale price and then Steven invoices you for his 40% (simpler than option 2).
  2. The buyer makes a donation to the nominated charity for the full sale price (better for taxation purposes “ must be an officially registered charity) then Steven invoices the charity for his 40% (The charity needs to be informed before the auction takes place, be willing to accept the donation and have the ability to pay Steven™s invoice).

If you are running other auction items at your event Steven™s item does not add to the length of your auction or detract from it in any way, as Steven auctions the item himself, as part of his presentation.

The Last Man Standing Auction occurs straight after the DVD of Steven™s Gold Medal race win.  Please arrange for somebody (an attractive female works well) to walk the print around the room at some stage prior to the auction.

The signed and framed prints provided are of an extremely high quality and beautifully framed.  They are not available for sale anywhere else and are a limited edition of thirty.  See sample below.