Audience Participation for Steven Bradbury

Part of Steven’s presentation requires members of the audience involved in a short physical competition onstage.  It requires a list of ‘volunteers’ prior to the event.

To select appropriate participants please try to ensure:

  • Participants are NOT older than 50 years of age
  • NOT grossly overweight
  • NOT carrying any knee or back injuries
  • NOT Pregnant


When selecting women to please ensure the following:

  • Participants are NOT wearing a skirt
  • Participants are NOT wearing a really low cut top (can be assessed at the event) # NOTE – High heel shoes are also inappropriate but can easily be removed.


Selecting extroverted / entertaining people IS A GOOD IDEA.

The participants will be required to stand in a line on the stage about half a metre apart.  Therefore the number of people selected depends on the size of the stage / floor area. 6 is usually a good number of participants.

PLEASE DO NOT inform the selected participants that they will be taking part.

The list of names (typed or written neatly) can be supplied to Steven prior to the event via email or passed to Steven at the event.  If selecting women the list needs to be given to Steven on the day to ensure they are not wearing a skirt.

The winner of the competition will receive a prize supplied by Steven.